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Dinner Specials
Dinner for one 6.95
Soup of the day
Egg roll
Pork friend rice
Sweet & sour pork or almond chicken or beef with mixed vegetables

Dinner Specials Sets (2 Person minimum)
1. Special dinner 7.95 per person
Won ton soup
Egg rolls
Almond pressed duck
Pork fried rice
Beef with mixed vegetables
(For 3 people we add: shredded chicken chow mein)
(For 4 people we add: fried prawns)
(For 5 people we add: cashew nut chicken)

2. Cantonese dinner 8.95 per person
Won ton soup
Sweet and sour pork
Paper wrapped chicken
Pork fried rice
Black and white mushroom chicken
(For 3 people we add: ginger beef)
(For 4 people we add: crystal prawns)
(For 5 people we add: vegetable & seafood mix)

3. Peking dinner 9.95 Per Person (Our most popular set dinner!)
Sizzling rice soup
Pot stickers
Cashew nut chicken
Peking beef (green onion beef)
Yang chow fried rice (combination fried rice)
(For 3 people we add: peking sauce prawns)
(For 4 people we add: moo sue pork)
(For 5 people we add: sweet & sour fish fillet)

4. Mandarin Royal dinner 11.95 Per Person
Seafood with tofu soup
Assorted appetizer plate
Steak kew
Chicken with black mushrooms
Yang chow fried rice (combination fried rice)
(For 3 people we add: prawns with snow peas)
(For 4 people we add: sizzling rice with mixed meats)
(For 5 people we add: sweet and sour whole fish)

Combination appetizer plate 6.95
Spring egg rolls (3) 3.95
Crisp won ton (12) 3.95
Fried prawns (8) 6.50
Fried chicken wings 6.95
Pot stickers (8) 4.95
Paper-wrapped chicken 6.95
Almond pressed duck 6.25
BBQ pork 5.95
BBQ spareribs 5.95
Steamed meat dumpling (8) 4.95
Shanghai steamed meat bun (8) 4.95

Sizzling rice soup 5.50
Hot and sour soup 5.50
Won ton soup 4.50
Wor won ton soup 5.95
Egg flower soup 4.50
Seaweed soup5.50
Abalone soup 6.95
Minced meat with egg soup 5.95
Seafood with tofu soup 6.95

Crystal prawns 9.50
Sautéed prawns with snow peas 9.50
Loong fung kew 8.95
Shrimp with mixed vegetables 7.95
Vegetable and seafood mix 8.95
Oyster sauce abalone 10.95
Shrimp with lobster sauce 7.95
Shrimp with green peas 7.95
Shrimp with sizzling rice 7.95
Sautéed prawns with sweet and sour sauce 8.95
Kung pao shrimp 8.95
Squid with preserved sour vegetable 7.95
Pan fried prawns with garlic sauce (in shell) 8.95
Sweet and sour prawns 6.95
Kung pao squid 7.95
Walnut prawns 10.95
Squid with mixed vegetables 7.95
Fish fillet with lemon sauce 8.50
Sweet and sour fish fillet 8.50
Five spice scallops 10.95
Sweet and sour whole rock cod (Seasonal)
Steamed fish (Seasonal)
Hot braised whole rock cod (Seasonal)
Braised whole rock cod (Seasonal)

Egg dishes
Pork egg foo young 5.95
Chicken egg foo young 5.95
Shrimp egg foo young 6.95
Vegetable egg foo young 5.95

Beef with mixed vegetables 6.95
Tomato beef 6.95
Beef with green peppers 6.95
Beef with broccoli 6.95
Oyster sauce beef 6.95
Beef with Chinese green 6.95
Green onion beef 6.95
Dry sautéed beef 6.95
Beef with Chinese broccoli 6.95
Hot spiced shredded beef 6.95
Sesame beef 7.95
Szechuan beef 6.95
Beef with tofu 6.95
Curried beef stew 6.95
Braised beef stew 6.95
Chinese style beef steak kew 7.95
Mongolian beef 6.95

Almond chicken 6.95
Shredded chicken salad 6.95
Crispy fried chicken 6.95
Cashew nut chicken 6.95
Curry chicken 6.95
Chicken with black bean sauce 6.95
Kung pao chicken 6.95
Bean sauce chicken 6.95
Green pepper chicken 6.95
Fried chicken (shanghai style) 6.95
Fried chicken with sauce 7.95
Chicken with broccoli 6.95
Chicken with mixed vegetables 6.95
Hot spiced chicken 7.50
Hunan spiced chicken 6.95
Sweet and sour chicken 6.95
Lemon chicken 7.50
Garlic sauce chicken wing 6.95
Garlic chicken 6.95
Four flavor crispy chicken 7.50
Walnut chicken 6.95
Chicken, pork, and abalone with vegetable 6.95(Chicken, pork, abalone, black mushrooms, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts)
Sautéed three delicious ingredients 7.95 (Chicken, shrimp, abalone with mixed vegetables)
Tai chin chicken 7.50
General cho’s chicken 7.50
Fresh mushroom chicken 6.95
Sesame chicken 7.50

Crispy duck 8.95
Roast duck 6.95

Sil chow (bbq chop suey) 5.95
Snow peas with bbq pork 5.95
Mo goo chow yuke – sliced pork with mushrooms 6.95
Moo sue pork (includes 4 pancakes) 6.95
($0.50 for each additional pancake)
Dry tofu with shredded pork 6.95
Steamed spareribs with black bean sauce 6.95
Peking style shredded pork 5.95
Pork belly braised with preserved cabbage 6.95
Hot spiced shredded pork with garlic sauce 6.95
Sweet and sour pork 6.95
Sweet and sour spareribs 6.95
Twice cooked pork 5.95
Mandarin spareribs 7.50
Salt and pepper spareribs 7.50

Vegetable and Tofu

Assorted vegetables 6.75
Black mushroom with Chinese greens 5.95
Snowpeas, mushrooms & bamboo shoots 5.95
Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce 5.95
Hot braised eggplant with minced meat 6.50
Hot braised string beans with minced meat 6.50
Black mushroom with tofu 5.95
Roast duck with tofu 5.95
Hot minced meat with tofu (MaPo Tofu) 5.75
Family style tofu with pork 6.75

BBQ pork fried rice 3.95
Chicken fried rice 4.95
Beef fried rice 4.95
Shrimp fried rice 5.95
Yang chow fried rice 5.95 (Combination fried rice)
Steamed rice 1.25

Chow mein
Shrimp chow mein 6.95
Combination chow mein 6.95 (Chicken, bbq pork, and shrimp inside)
Seafood chow mein 7.50
Chicken chow mein 5.95
Almond chicken chow mein 5.95
Shredded chicken chow mein 5.95
Beef chow mein 5.95
Tomato beef chow mein 5.95
Shredded Pork chow mein 5.95
BBQ Pork chow mein 5.95
Beef chow mein 5.95
Beef chow fun 5.95
Broccoli BBQ pork chow fun 5.95
Shanghai style rice cake 5.50
Shredded pork with small rice noodle 5.95
Singapore style rice noodle 5.95

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NEW KWOK WAH (650-349-5521)

Lunch Specials $4.95
A. Soup of the day
Sweet and sour pork
Pork fried rice
Egg roll
B. Soup of the day
Almond chicken
Pork fried rice
Egg roll
C. Soup of the day
Chicken chow mein
Sweet and sour chicken
Fried won ton
D. Soup of the day
Snow peas and beef
Pork fried rice
Fried prawns

All dishes 5.95 unless specified otherwise
  1. Soup of the day (1.00)
  2. BBQ pork won ton (4.50)
  3. Beef won ton (5.25)
  4. Chicken won ton (5.25)
  5. Shrimp won ton
  6. Wor won ton
  7. Chinese greens with BBQ pork noodle
  8. Chinese greens with BBQ pork rice noodle
  9. Chinese greens with BBQ pork small rice noodle
  10. Preserved pickle with pork noodle
  11. Preserved mustard greens with pork noodle
  12. Beef noodle
  13. Beef rice noodle
  14. Beef stew noodle
  15. Beef stew rice noodle
  16. Beef stew small rice noodle
Rice Plates (comes with soup of the day) all 5.50
  1. Beef stew
  2. beef with Chinese greens
  3. beef with green onions
  4. beef with broccoli
  5. beef with tofu
  6. beef with oyster sauce
  7. kung pao beef
  8. sweet and sour pork
  9. curry chicken
  10. cashew nut chicken
  11. roast duck
  12. roast duck with tofu
  13. shrimp with green peas
  14. shrimp with egg
Noodles all 5.95 unless specified otherwise
  1. Beef chow fun
  2. beef with Chinese greens chow fun
  3. beef stew with Chinese greens chow fun
  4. BBQ pork with broccoli chow fun
  5. Shanghai style rice cake (5.50)
  6. combination chow mein (6.95)
  7. combination chow mein Hong Kong style (7.25)
  8. beef with Chinese greens chow mein hong kong style (6.50)
  9. beef small rice noodle
  10. pork small rice noodle
Specials 5.95 (comes with steamed rice)
  1. beef ribs with black pepper sauce
  2. asparagus w beef or chicken or shrimp
  3. string beans with chicken or shrimp or minced meat
  4. fish fillet with black bean sauce or mixed vegetables
  5. pork chop with mandarin sauce or salt & pepper
Lunch Combination Plate 5.95 includes steamed rice and egg roll.
($0.50 extra for pork fried rice)
Monday & Thursday & Sunday – won ton soup
Tuesday & Friday – Egg flower soup
Wednesday & Saturday – hot & sour soup
  1. sesame chicken
  2. Chinese chicken salad
  3. cashew nut chicken
  4. garlic chicken
  5. four flavor crispy chicken
  6. kung pao chicken
  7. lemon chicken
  8. hot & spicy pork with garlic sauce
  9. beef with broccoli
  10. tomato beef
  11. curry beef
  12. beef with mixed vegetables
  13. Szechuan beef
  14. shrimp with lobster sauce
  15. kung pao shrimp
  16. squid with mixed vegetables
  17. hot and spicy tofu
  18. tofu with mixed vegetables
  19. egg plant with garlic sauce
  20. fresh mushroom chicken


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